Mucha Liga Tequila, Tequila That Comes In Bottles That Look Like Luchador Masks

March 8, 2017


Because half of consumers make their purchase decisions based entirely on packaging anyways (I'm looking at you, zany wine labels), this is the new line of of Mucha Liga Tequila. Each bottle comes in a stylized polygonal luchador head with colored mask. The Bravo (blue) is a blanco, Canibal (red) a reposado (my favorite), and Invicto (white) an añejo. I'm not sure what the black mask is or if it's even a real bottle they sell. Obviously, there are going to compliment the existing collection of tequila bottles already littering my apartment floor beautifully. "There's like a hundred of them." What if I told you I go around to all the local bars and ask for the empties? "Then I'd ask how you explain the hundreds of dried-out lime wedges?" I have scurvy.

Keep going for a closeup of each.





Thanks to Tank, who agrees the best tequila is whatever a friend is paying for at the bar. Unless it's well, in which case that person is not a friend.

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