Master Splinter Spotted In New York City, IRL

March 21, 2017


This is a shot from New York City of famed Ninja Turtle mentor Master Splinter spotted scaling the sides of two trash and recycling cans looking for pizza crusts. You think if he finds one he'll bring it back to the turtles and feed it to them baby bird style? "No, and are you sure that's a rat and not a mouse?" No I am not. Besides, who cares? "Accuracy is important." Sure, but really only in bar games like pool and darts, right? Everything else is just kinda make it up as you go. "You should be a politician." I should be ruler of this world and every world. Quick, fetch my Infinity Gauntlet. "That's an oven mitt." My Bagel Bites are ready!

Thanks to Nathaniel, who wishes Master Splinter all the best in his trash pizza hunt.

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