Man Hacks Amazon's Alexa Into A Talking Skull Head

March 14, 2017


This is a video demonstration of Yorick (named after the skull of the former court jester in Shakespeare's Hamlet), an animatronic talking skull that 'aspiring roboticist' Mike McGurrin hacked to act as the face of Amazon Echo's Alexa. It's pretty cool, I just wish he'd also changed the voice so it sounds more like what you'd expect a talking skull to sound like instead of Alexa. Also if it bled from the eyes when it talked that would be pretty sweet. And, I dunno, maybe give it a wizard hat or something.

Keep going for a picture explaining how it works and a couple videos, the second of which is Yorick being sassy.


Thanks to TJ, who wants to do the same thing except with a real skull and the voice of Skeletor.

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