Life In A Nutshell: Angry Ram Versus Tetherball

March 16, 2017


This is a worthwhile video of Rambro The Angry Ram meeting a tetherball set up by Marty Todd in the middle of the 100 acre New Zealand forest that Marty owns and where Rambro and his ladyfriend Ewenice and son Dodge ram live now because Rambro is a menace to society and used to ram everything he could including cars, motorcycles, bikes and people. That's my kinda ram! Plus he has testicles the size of softballs. Unfortunately, it looks like Rambro may have finally met his match with this tetherball. You can sense him getting angrier and angrier, not understanding why the ball doesn't admit defeat. In my mind, that ball represents life, and Rambro-- "Represents you?" I wish, I'd love to get even a single hit in on life. I'm more like that path -- constantly getting walked all over and shat on.

Keep going for the video, with several solid volleys in a row at the end.

Thanks to MSA, who agrees Rambro should come back with one of those giant Rambo knives and cut that ball down then punt it into the woods.

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