I Am Into These: Leggings Printed To Look Like Medieval Armor

March 22, 2017


I'm sure this isn't the first time this concept has been realized, but this is the Kickstarter for Lorica, a line of leggings inspired by medieval armor. The first release will consist of three different designs (seen above) and sell for $59 (retail: $68), two for $113 (retail: $136), or all three for $162 (retail: $204). The leggings come in sizes XS - XXL, high and low waistband options, as well as two inseams (regular and long) to accommodate all body types. They're constructed of 14% spandex and 86% recycled yarns made from plastic bottles, which each pair containing the life-force of as many as 20 recycled bottles. Unfortunately, there's no guarantee any of the leggings can actually stop an arrow. So, which is your favorite? I think I like the one in the middle. "The leggings, or the model?" The leggings -- we're here to talk about leggings, try to stay on topic. "Look who's talking." Yeah, also look who's swinging a replica of Excalibur, so I'd think twice before running your mouth again. Now, where were we? "You said you like the girl in the middle." *grabs by ear* Congratulations, you just earned yourself a ride in a catapult.

Keep going for a bunch more pictures and a video.








Thanks to Samatha D, who informed me she's holding out for a full medieval armor bodysuit.

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