I Am Into These: Leggings Printed To Look Like Medieval Armor

March 22, 2017


I'm sure this isn't the first time this concept has been realized, but this is the Kickstarter for Lorica, a line of leggings inspired by medieval armor. The first release will consist of three different designs (seen above) and sell for $59 (retail: $68), two for $113 (retail: $136), or all three for $162 (retail: $204). The leggings come in sizes XS - XXL, high and low waistband options, as well as two inseams (regular and long) to accommodate all body types. They're constructed of 14% spandex and 86% recycled yarns made from plastic bottles, which each pair containing the life-force of as many as 20 recycled bottles. Unfortunately, there's no guarantee any of the leggings can actually stop an arrow. So, which is your favorite? I think I like the one in the middle. "The leggings, or the model?" The leggings -- we're here to talk about leggings, try to stay on topic. "Look who's talking." Yeah, also look who's swinging a replica of Excalibur, so I'd think twice before running your mouth again. Now, where were we? "You said you like the girl in the middle." *grabs by ear* Congratulations, you just earned yourself a ride in a catapult.

Keep going for a bunch more pictures and a video.








Thanks to Samatha D, who informed me she's holding out for a full medieval armor bodysuit.

  • Heath Brower

    You can find amazing one of a kind leggings at www.flowerofliving.com

  • The_Wretched

    WoW cosplay here we go!

  • Elak Swindell

    Looks more like hooker clothing.

  • So prostitutes wear armour where you live?

  • New Netflix show idea! I'm calling it "Ladies of the Knight" Fuck this is genius.

  • Tigerh8r

    You know, other than nice physiques none of these women are particularly attractive, yet they look so hot in these clothes!

    Marketing genius! Guys will buy this for their ladies, who will never wear them!

  • Jenness

    You've just described 90% of all females aged 16-25. Pretty much kind of hard to not hot at that age in tight clothes when a professional photographer with professional lighting, styling and photoshop takes your picture and then a graphics person turns it into advertising with an entire suite of post-photography applications.

  • TheQiwiMan

    Fourth picture down. I have never seen a woman so bored by displaying her crotch before.

  • You've never been to a gynaecologists.

  • Doog

    Guys can totally wear these...right?

  • Sure, why not, knock yourself out.

  • TheQiwiMan

    Not without severe mocking, no.

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