How Appetizing: An Alien Egg Cookie Jar With Facehugger Lid

March 28, 2017


This is the $30 Alien Xenomorph Egg Cookie Jar. It's a cookie jar that looks like a xenomorph egg, and has a facehugger lid. It's just gross enough to keep you from eating too many cookies. "No, it's not." Nope, this wouldn't stop me from eating a single cookie. Which, FUN FACT: I've never eaten a single cookie. Like donuts, cookies were made to be eaten by the dozen. Do you have any idea how much weight I gained during the most recent Girl Scout Cookie season? "Eight pounds?" Awww, you're sweet, I'd date you.

Keep going for a handful more shots.






Thanks to Christopher C, who has a cookie jar that looks like a blender and is missing three fingers.

  • TheQiwiMan

    Why would they make a promo pic showing it in a normal kitchen? Like, i can see these being displayed in a kitchen where the owners have like a bunch of Aline-specific decorations, or even just stuff from lots of movies, but a typical kitchen with this just seems..... weird.

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