Finally, A Death Star Nesting Teapot And Mug

March 22, 2017


This is the $25 Death Star Teapot & Mug set available from ThinkGeek. The 12-ounce teapot actually nests in the 6-ounce mug when not in use. Obviously, it's the perfect tea set for...wait -- who is this perfect for? "Tea drinking Star Wars lovers?" I mean, I GUESS. I just don't know anymore. Whatever, my aunt likes Star Wars and tea, I guess I'll get her one. *phone rings* Oh hi, Aunt Deborah, did you get what I sent to you? Wait -- did you just say 'bomb' or 'bong'? No no no, it's a Death Star tea set. But I thought you loved Star Wars. Ooooooh, Star Trek. That's my bad. Listen, while I've got you on the line -- do you think you could stop posting those Ray-Ban one-day sales on my Facebook wall? My friends are starting to make fun of me. What do you mean, 'What friends?' That's it, I'm blocking you.

Keep going for one more shot of the Death Star in chill mode.


Thanks to n0nentity, who firmly believes when there's a Star Wars version of everything the End Times will begin. Well what are we waiting for?

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