Exploded Chair, An Unassembled Wooden Chair In Acrylic Boxes That Still Functions As A Chair

March 7, 2017


This is Exploded Chair, a senior project by Joyce Lin, a 5th year student in the Brown + Rhode Island School Of Design Dual Degree Program. It's a maple chair that's been disassembled into its individual components, which have each been encased in clear acrylic boxes to make a statement about things I don't understand, and am fairly certain I don't want to.

My work is a response to themes of inter/dis-connectivity with our surroundings. In the Exploded Chair, I build an archetypal maple wood chair and dismember it into clear acrylic boxes. Because the parts are loose in the boxes, they shift positions when the chair is moved. The superimposition of one chair form over another emphasizes both the joinery of its parts and the form as a whole, raising questions about the function of a chair versus its physical reality and ideas about material and permanence.

Yep, I was right -- with all the television theme songs and commercial jingles in my brain, there's just no room for stuff like that. Although apparently there's also no room for my email and bank account passwords, which is why I'm locked out of all my accounts. Now how am I supposed to know just how negative my bank account is -- wait for the overdraft notices to show up in the mail? This must be what it felt like to live in medieval times.

Keep going for a couple more shots.




Thanks to Breslin, who doesn't believe in chairs. I mean, weird, but you're still cool with beds though, right?

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