'Cheesebomb' Burger Comes With An Entire Mug Of Melted Cheese To Drown Burger

March 7, 2017


This is a video of the Cheesebomb burger available from Maxwell's Bar And Grill In London. For £14 (~$17) you get a six ounce burger, fries, and an eight-ounce mug of melted cheddar (which, if it actually is melted cheddar, is more than 1,000 calories alone) that I could easy finish in one disgusting, cringeworthy chugging. Alternatively, use the mug to cheers giving up on life. *raising two cheesy mugs* I've lived too long!

Keep going for a video of a burger being drowned in melted cheese.

Thanks to Kristen, who informed me she just lives vicariously through these videos because she's still too young to die.

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