Amazingly Lifelike Adventure Time Ice King And Lemongrab Busts

March 27, 2017


These are the Ice King and Lemongrab busts created by Adam Edwards. In his own words while I try to figure out if the Ice King's eyes are really following me around the room or if I'm just paranoid because I watched a scary movie this weekend (Beauty And The Beast):

Wanted to do another Adventure Time character after my Lemongrab and thought Ice King would be a fun one! This guy was so much more complicated than Lemongrab!

Sculpted, moulded, cast in silicone and then painted and hairpunched. I designed the crown digitally in Zbrush and got it printed by the awesome Robb Crafer, he was so generous with his time with me, a complete noob, 3D printing something for the first time. Eyes made by me from Sebastian Lochmann's insane eye mould system.

I swear, some people are so talented. I wish I had some sort of artistic talent, but I'm afraid I reached my peak in kindergarten when I traced the outline of my hand and colored it to look like a turkey for Thanksgiving. "That's an awfully shitty looking turkey, I always thought it was an octopus." Mom!

Keep going for a couple more shots including Lemongrab.




Thanks to Adam, who I'm going to commission to sculpt a David-esque statue of me after I take over the world (be generous with the penis).

  • contrey

    ice king is perfect. lemongrab however does not capture a single bit of lemongrab's essence. where are the vertical pupils? also, the expression is way too contemplative and serene.. lemongrab characteristically should appear mindless or on the brink of insanity. not digging the humanized versions of him that people are making.

  • TheQiwiMan

    So I guess I should watch Adventure Time? Been ignoring it for years...

  • GeneralDisorder

    I watched the first season and don't recall Lemongrab at all.

    Then again I had to google the allegedly iconic Breaking Bad "I am the one who knocks" scene just to figure out what season it happened in.

  • yes; duh doi.

  • Captain Matticus, LP Inc.

    These busts are....UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!

  • Enkidu98

    Winter is coming?

  • Gin 'n Tonics is coming.

  • Meh

    Pretty cool one, the first one that is, lemon-head looks like something awful to have inside your home.

  • And *that's* why it's great.

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