Amazingly Lifelike Adventure Time Ice King And Lemongrab Busts

March 27, 2017


These are the Ice King and Lemongrab busts created by Adam Edwards. In his own words while I try to figure out if the Ice King's eyes are really following me around the room or if I'm just paranoid because I watched a scary movie this weekend (Beauty And The Beast):

Wanted to do another Adventure Time character after my Lemongrab and thought Ice King would be a fun one! This guy was so much more complicated than Lemongrab!

Sculpted, moulded, cast in silicone and then painted and hairpunched. I designed the crown digitally in Zbrush and got it printed by the awesome Robb Crafer, he was so generous with his time with me, a complete noob, 3D printing something for the first time. Eyes made by me from Sebastian Lochmann's insane eye mould system.

I swear, some people are so talented. I wish I had some sort of artistic talent, but I'm afraid I reached my peak in kindergarten when I traced the outline of my hand and colored it to look like a turkey for Thanksgiving. "That's an awfully shitty looking turkey, I always thought it was an octopus." Mom!

Keep going for a couple more shots including Lemongrab.




Thanks to Adam, who I'm going to commission to sculpt a David-esque statue of me after I take over the world (be generous with the penis).

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