All The Rage: Ultra Fancy 'Rubik's Cube' Cakes

March 30, 2017


These are the Rubik's Cube inspired cakes created by French chef Cédric Grolet, who was rated the best pastry chef in 2016 by the Relais Desserts Association, which is a real association doing important work in the world. I wouldn't call these cakes though, they're really just 3 x 3 matrices of petit fours stacked on inedible boards (I found out the hard way *opens mouth to reveal bloody gauze*) that loosely resemble a Rubik's Cube. But what do I know? I'm not a food critic, I'm just a man who keeps a couple strips of turkey jerky tucked between his cheek and gums in case he gets hungry in the middle of the night and doesn't feel like getting out of bed for a trip to the fridge.

Keep going for a bunch more.







Thanks to Allyson S, who agrees the best cake is your birthday cake.

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