All The Rage: Japanese Pancake Baths

March 14, 2017


Because who hasn't dreamed of being a pancake drowning in syrup, for a limited time you can take a Morinaga Hot Cake Bath at the Hakone Kowakien Yunessun resort in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. The baths are made to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Morinaga hot cake mix, but aren't actually filled with syrup, just brown water scented with vanilla and maple. Personally, I don't like water that I can't see through, and especially not brown water. It reminds me of accidentally pooping in the bathtub when I was a kid, which I've spent my whole life trying to forget. "Why? Every kid poops in the bathtub." I was seventeen. "Oh dear." And it wasn't a bathtub, it was a hotel hot tub during spring break. "Ahahahahaha, WHAT?" My crush got E. coli.

Thanks to James, who agrees real melted butter and syrup or nothing.

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