The Definitive Video Of Trucks Getting Their Tops Sheered Off Under A Low Bridge

February 14, 2017


The 'Canopener Bridge' is a low train bridge (11-foot 8-inch) in Durham, North Carolina that's notorious for sheering the tops off of trucks too tall to pass under. And this is the definitive video of that happening, with footage captured by Jürgen Henn between 2008 and 2016 for the website 11foot8, which was edited by Willem Hebbe into this ten minute compilation. Honestly, I could probably bring a blanket and a picnic and sit and watch that bridge all day long.

On average, about once a month a truck gets visibly damaged at the bridge. However, every day I see trucks that trip the overheight warning lights, stop and turn into the side street.

I also included another compilation Hebbe made of the even lower (10-foot 6-inch) East Street bridge in Westwood, Massachusetts (aka '11foot8's Evil Little Brother'), with equally exciting content. Honestly, I wonder what these drivers are thinking. Have they forgotten they're driving trucks? Because I drove a moving truck once and I was terrified I was going to hit everything. I didn't even feel comfortable driving under the sun, and it's what -- at least 30 or 40 feet up there? I almost touched it once standing on a friend's balcony.

Keep going for the videos, and props to the guy on the sidewalk in front of the truck from the shot above for not caring he was about to die.

Thanks to Dan, who's been petitioning for a low bridge near his home so he has something to go out and watch on weekends.

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