The Amazing Bioluminescence Of Deep Sea Creatures

February 10, 2017


Seen here looking like something I had to beat in a boss fight once, this is a video clip from the BBC's Blue Planet (narrated by David Attenborough) discussing the unusual bioluminescence some deep sea animals use to attract prey. Man, that shit is FREAKY DEAKY. If my incredibly trustworthy hero David Attenborough wasn't involved I'd almost be tempted to say this was faked like the moon landing or all the videos from the International Space Station (they're actually underwater they just edit the bubbles out and dub their voices).

Hit the jump for the video.

Thanks to Ben K, who agrees if we don't stop polluting the oceans these things will never have the chance to rise up and kill us, and that's not fair.

  • So if you're a creature living in the depths of the ocean and you see a light don't go near it.

  • da1nonlysage

    If only someone told that to my late cousin.

  • Bling Nye just imagine the glow of a cell phone in a pitch black room; you may or may not notice the charging cord that seems to run out of the phone and up the wall... curiously, you may even look up as your hand is reaching for the phone, the mild confusion of not recalling having plugged your phone in triggering a tinge of survival instinct desperately trying to get your attention, but you ignore it... and the last thing you see, if you looked up at all, is that holy fucking toothed terror laying in wait in the corner, hunched up against the ceiling a split second before its mouth gapes to a size larger than you, lunging forward with blinding speed to engulf you....

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