That's Cool, That Makes Sense: A Clock That Uses Hair To Tell Time

February 27, 2017


This is the Lash Clock created by artist Bina Baitel. It uses a ring of hair to tell the time, both hours and minutes. I'd be lying if I said I understood why. I dunno, maybe some people just really like hair? Me? I want as little hair as possible in my apartment, which is impossible with a dog that sheds enough to make another small dog every week (I don't though, I just glue it to my arms and legs and pretend I'm a werewolf) . There are tumbleweeds of dog hair blowing through my living room. "You should get a vacuum." Oh yeah? *removes shoe and sock to reveal missing toes* Vacuums are dangerous. "You lost toes vacuuming?" Well no it was a lawnmower but they're practically cousins.

Keep going for one more shot showing different times, and a video of the clock in action.


Thanks to v, who remembers when it was perfectly acceptable to use the sun to estimate time and show up for things hours late.

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