Smart Thinking: Electric Company Uses Flamethrowing Octocopter To Burn Trash Off Power Lines

February 17, 2017


These are a few shots from Xiangyang, China where an electric power maintenance company is using a flamethrowing octocopter to burn plastic bags and other debris that have gotten caught on power lines too dangerous/out of reach for a person to retrieve. Now that's just some solid problem solving if I've ever heard of it. Plus, you know, who doesn't want to operate a flamethrowing octocopter as part of their job? I know I do. I can see it now: *busts through front door* "Welcome home, honey, how was your day?" Oh, you know, I just got TO BURN SOME TRASH OFF POWERLINES WITH A FLAMETHROWING OCTOCOPTER. "That's nice dear, but why are you out of breath? And what are you doing with that suitcase?" I also set the office on fire pack your bags baby we've gotta go!

Keep going for two more shots.



Thanks to CN, who agrees fire, along with duct tape and super glue, can fix anything.

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