Say It With Chicken: Valentine's Day KFC Chickengram Is A Heart-Shaped Bucket Of Chicken

February 14, 2017


Look at your keyboard. Are the keys greasy? Do you have a drumstick bone in your hair? You may be into fried chicken (or you may be Pebbles from The Flintstones). And what better way for your partner to let you know how much they care and support your fried chicken addiction than by sending a KFC Chickengram? "I can think of a lot of ways." Well sure, but still, this exists. KFC Chickengrams were actually a contest held by KFC Canada to deliver a heart-shaped bucket of KFC to the recipient of your choice, complete with three different poem options on the underside of the lid. *licks fingers, wipes on jeans* How romantic. Call me old fashioned, but I celebrate Valentine's Day the way it was meant to be-- "Crying into a beer?" Oh, not just one, a bunch of them. The guy at the beer store asked me if I was going to a party. I told him I was -- a pity party. I laughed and laughed even though, deep down, I was crying. Fine, it wasn't deep down at all, I was actually crying and the clerk rounded my change up to the next dollar because he felt sorry for me. Man, where are all those free hug weirdos when you need one?

Keep going for the poem options and a short video of a couple foreplaying right on their chicken.


Thanks to Sandra, who told me she just wants a McDonald's two cheeseburger meal and a Shamrock Shake. A true Valentine's Day classic.

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