Safety Last: The Tagada, A Terrifying Carnival Ride

February 7, 2017


Because Danger is my middle name (first name Terrifiedof, last name Idontwannadie), this is a video of a Tagada carnival ride in Yangon, Myanmar. What the hell's a Tagada? Let me Wikipedia that for you while I puke trying to make a gif of this video.

A tagada is an amusement ride made by various manufacturers. Riders sit in a round bowl with no seatbelts or restraints. There are bars behind the riders which they hold on to. The ride starts to spin, the music starts playing and hydraulic arms bounce the riders up and down.

The Tagada is operated by a human operator who will synchronize the bounces with the music beat. Most operators give time for riders to get to their seats again before making the ride bounce (this occurs if turbulence is too strong). Sometimes riders will be told the ride is over and the gates will not open and the operator will restart the ride making everyone fall over and then open the gates.

Man, that sounds like so much fun. Especially with a bellyful of cotton candy and corn dogs. And -- what's that in that vomit pile over there? "Funnel cake." Of course, how could I forget? No carnival experience is complete without eating and uneating a funnel cake.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Linc, who agrees there's a direct correlation between a carnival ride's danger and fun potential.

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  • brijazz012

    This was gonna be the ride that they were gonna use for that one scene in "Fear", but Reese STRONGLY objected.

  • Joshua Tracey

    I remember riding this in high school while the Numa Numa song played. It's a lot better in person than the video makes it out to be, and Im not big on rides. That being said, it's still the only time I've seen someone's arm get broken right in front of me.

  • "sometimes the riders will be told the ride is over..."
    The rest are said to still be stuck in Tagada purgatory to this day

  • steve holt

    they missed the opportunity to say "Hang on in Yangon".
    Also, stupid ride.

  • Joe Schmopped

    people dying in 3.....2......1....

  • TheQiwiMan

    If people ain't dyin', they ain't tryin'!

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