Pokemon Magikarp Snacks Sold In Japan

February 3, 2017


This is the Magikarp (the most powerful and respected of all Pokemon) shaped taiyaki (a fish-shaped cake typically stuffed with bean paste) available from taiyaki speciality shop Kurikoan in Japan. The officially licensed (yes, seriously) snacks cost around $2 and feature the lyrics to Magikarp's theme song on the bags they come in. Eating one is sure to give you great power. Me? I already have great power. Watch this. *tosses pen on floor, waits for coworker to walk by* Hey Phil -- pick that up for me, will you? "Go screw yourself." *turns Phil into a dung beetle -- no, turns Phil into THE LITTLE SHITBALL a dung beetle is rolling* See? I wasn't lying.

Keep going for a couple more shots and Magikarp's official theme song because why not.




Thanks to rebecca, who's got her fingers crossed for Seaking taiyaki next.

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