Over-Inflategate: Over-Inflating Footballs Until They Explode, Shot In Ultra Slow-Motion

February 1, 2017


Presumably to celebrate the two year anniversary of Deflategate and to get excited about the upcoming Super Bowl, this is a video of the Slo-Mo guys over-inflating footballs (both kinds) until they explode. I learned a lot by watching it. Mostly that footballs will explode if you over-inflate them. If you under-inflate them? The Colts lose the AFC Championship and you get to go to another Super Bowl. Who are you rooting for this year? I'm rooting for good commercials, I've been kinda disappointed the past couple years. How you going to spend $5-million for a thirty second commercial that sucks? If people aren't talking excitedly about your Super Bowl commercial around the water cooler the next day, your entire advertising department should be fired and I should be hired in their place to make all future commercials in the form of boner pill spoofs. Those never get old. The couples in them, yes, but half the fun is imagining those two elderly lovebirds banging in that canoe they're paddling. Will I CG dolphins jumping over the boat while they're moaning and complaining about joint pain? If the budget allows!

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Stevie, who heard a rumor the Patriots will be filling balls with helium this Super Bowl.

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