Oh Wow: A 6-Minute Supercut Of Every Time Somebody Says 'Harry' Or 'Potter' In All The Movies

February 16, 2017


This is a six minute video of all the Harry Potter movies, but only the split-seconds somebody is saying 'Harry' or 'Potter' (or both). It almost sounds like a really horrible song. I tried to count all the Harrys and Potters, but I lost count somewhere after all my fingers and toes and a million. Man they say that kid's name a lot. Nobody ever says my name. Don't they say your ears get hot if somebody's talking about you? Harry's ears must have been on fire constantly. Here -- feel my ears. "They're ice cold!" Told you, now play with my hair and tell me you love me.

Keep going for the video, it's intense.

Thanks to Brickyard, who agrees if people say your name that much there's no way you're not going to grow up to be an egomaniac.

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