Nokia Allegedly Relaunching Their Indestructible Classic 3310 Mobile Phone

February 15, 2017


According to a recent leak, Nokia will be releasing a homage to the 17-year old classic Nokia 3310 mobile phone later this year (currently slated for the European market, other markets unknown). The 3310, first released in 2000, is best known as an indestructible brick with almost magical battery life. I remember I had one in college. I put an aftermarket canary yellow case on it because that's just the kind of idiot I was at the time. The phone will allegedly be announced at the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona later this month, and sell for around €59 (~$62). It better come with Snake installed. Man, I remember dropping that phone so many times and never had a problem. Now I hit send on a text message too hard and my whole screen shatters and I accidentally forward a butt selfie to my entire family. *phone rings* IT WAS FOR MY DOCTOR.

Thanks to Jorge, who is going to buy ten of them and wear them all on belt clips and never need to recharge a battery until 2025.

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  • Lynda Carter

    oh to master "Snake" I think I still have my old phone lying around here somewhere. Now if I could only find the charger..

  • MWinter

    Nope. Nokia 5110 or bust.

  • Cheese

    They were great phones. You could throw one off a wall at full force & when you retrieved it, written on the screen would be "Is that all you've got, pussy."

  • I'm just the asshole to actually buy and use one of these. Also grandmas everywhere should rejoice. Phones are phones again.

  • Jeremy Tilton

    Great, now I have to upgrade from the Nokia 3210! Damn you Nokia!

  • Xockszky

    I had an Ericsson phone, it was just as indestructible. I wonder if this new model will be any good though, or will it be the quality of a cheap knock-off?

  • Munihausen

    Great device.

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