NASA Releases Promotional Travel Poster For Trappist-1 Potentially Habitable Planets

February 28, 2017


This is a travel poster released by NASA to promote the seven potentially habitable planets discovered orbiting 39-light year away dwarf star Trappist-1. And as exciting as it is to think about, even traveling at the fastest we've ever gotten anything to move in space relative to earth (the Juno spacecraft, which briefly hit 165,000-miles/hour thanks to Jupiter's gravity, but was not a sustained speed), it would take humans around 159,000 years to get there. "You're such a Debbie Downer." Hey, I'm just being realistic and pissed we don't have a resort on the moon yet. Baby steps, you know? Like Neil Armstrong once said, "That's one baby step for a man, one giant lea-- HOLY SHIT, ALIENS!" Of course you've never heard that audio because of the cover-up.

Thanks to hairless, who's just praying to get to visit a space casino in his lifetime.

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