Damn Mother Nature, You're Crazy: The Wonk-Eyed Strawberry Squid

February 17, 2017


This is a video from The Monterey Bay Aquarium And Research Institute of Histioteuthis heteropsis (aka the strawberry squid, or cock-eyed squid). It looks like a strawberry and has one small eye and one big green googly eye to help it spot prey. I actually feel a real connection to it because my left eye doesn't open as far as my right one, and my friends like to tease me about it and call me Wonk-Eyed Jack because my friends are all jerks.

Histioteuthis heteropsis, the strawberry squid, gets its common name from the berry-like appearance of its bright-red body speckled with numerous luminescent photophores. This animal is also called the cockeyed squid due to a remarkable eye dimorphism. The left eye of the adult squid can measure more than twice the diameter of the right eye, a curious trait not known in any other family of bilaterally symmetrical animal.

When reached for comment about the strawberry squid, the ghost of Jacques Cousteau had this to day: "I had sex with a mermaid once." Wow, are you trying to make me jealous, ghost Jacques? Because it's working you old salty dog you! Tell me everything in great detail starting with the color of her seashell bra.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Luc, who claims he can see in the dark like a cat but definitely didn't catch the knife I threw during our sleepover.

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