Mesmerizing Rainbow Wave LEGO Ball Moving Machine

February 17, 2017


In other rainbow news, this is a video demonstration of Netherlands LEGOmaniac Berthil van Beek's complex LEGO ball moving machine. Berthil says he spent over 100 hours perfecting the design, which uses 1,150 moving parts to produce a wave that moves little balls from one end of a 38-color rainbow to the other. Beautiful, isn't it? Some people are so clever. Just not any of the people I hang out with. My friends think it's a good idea to play dead in the street to hail cabs at night. PROTIP: Don't wear all black. Get well soon, Dave, that coma doesn't have shit on you.

Keep going for the full video of the machine in action.

Thanks to Sam The Man, who informed me rainbows are his favorite color. I don't even know what that means, Sam -- are you okay?

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