Man Builds 13-Foot Tunable, Playable Ukulele

February 20, 2017


This is the Guinness World Record holder for the largest tunable, playable ukulele, built by Lawrence Stump of Lansing, Michigan. The instrument measures 13-feet 1.08 inches long, or just about double your penis. You owe me a beer.

The body of the instrument is constructed of birch plywood, and the neck and head are of pine, as are all four tuning pegs.The ukulele has the correct fret spacing required to produce notes separated by a semitone, as is the case on a normal-sized uke. In fact, it is an exact, to-scale replica of a commercially available Soprano ukulele - but 7.5 times larger.

Dare to dream -- that's the real lesson here. Plus following through with your dreams. Dreams are cool by themselves, but with a little hard work and determination you can turn that dream into A REALITY. I have no clue what I'm talking about. When reached for comment about the ukulele, Tiny Tim tiptoed through the tulips one last time.

Keep going for a video.

Thanks to Fragger, who's going to build the world's largest electric guitar using high voltage power lines and rock this city's face off. Or get horribly horribly electrocuted.

  • Tiago Miguel Faria

    That thing is so big it just sounds like a bass

  • GeneralDisorder

    Finally an instrument fitting of the stupid kickstarter videos that are selling hopes and dreams rather than any sort of reality. I'm looking at you solar Fuckface roadwaste!

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  • Cheese

    Selling your overused anus & herpes ridden mouth for crack money is not considered a 'business opportunity'.

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