Looks Dangerous (Sign Me Up): Riding A Tree Harvesting Machine Like A Mechanical Bull

February 27, 2017


This is a video of The Dudesons from Finland taking turns riding a log being swung around by the massive robotic arm of a Ponsse Scorpion tree harvester. It looks incredibly dangerous (it only looks dangerous though, they're actually tethered to the log so they can't hit the ground). It also looks incredibly fun, now hand me one of those waivers so I can sign my life away. I don't want the tether though, I want to do it au naturel. What's the worst that could happen? "You could fall and die." Please, that could happen any time of any day. You know how many times I've just been walking down the sidewalk and accidentally tripped into the street? Enough for my mom to pull me to the school bus stop in a little red wagon every morning. The other kids make fun of me, but deep down, I know they're just jealous really, really sorry for me and don't know how to express their emotions.

Keep going for the video, with bonus tar and feathering for the two losers at the end.

Thanks to JC, who could have gone a full ten minutes and not spilled a single drop of his cocktail.

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