LEGO Bun Hamburgers From The Philippines

February 7, 2017


Brick Burger is a LEGO themed burger restaurant based in the Philippines. The interior is all LEGO'd out and they even sell these burgers with buns that look like LEGO blocks. Unfortunately they don't stack that well though, because the bottom bun doesn't have holes for the studs of the top of another bun. A pretty serious oversight if you ask me. Obviously, I have ever intention of nibbling holes for the studs and stacking three burgers, then immediately having a heart attack and ending my evil reign here on earth. *bangs scepter three times on throne armrest* So it will be.

Keep going for a bunch more shots of the food and restaurant.














Thanks to lizzy, who agrees they should introduce a line of XL Duplo burgers.

  • Drinklikesinatra

    this doesn't even look like food.

  • Jimbo B

    At least we could say.

    People would be shitting bricks because of that place... had to be said.

  • steve holt

    Man, that's as much as you could rip off legos without getting sued. And I doubt that Disney is getting a piece of that "darth burger" action.

  • Emmitt Morgans

    The Lego Group could likely sue them for the decor in their restaurant: there are a few direct copies of minifigure faces, small tile piece designs, and a Lego Space logo on the wall.

    Brick Burger would probably be completely free and clear just displaying actual Lego in the restaurant, but those wall designs could be the basis for a lawsuit; it's unlikely to happen, however, because Lego is currently more interested in busting manufacturers like Lepin who completely steal and reproduce the designs of their sets.

  • GeneralDisorder

    It's in the Philippines. If international patent/trademark lawyers try to intervene Rodrigo Duterte will execute them and dump their body in Manila Bay.

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