LEGO Batman Voice Actor Will Arnett Prank Calls A Toy Store, Walks Barefoot Across LEGO

February 10, 2017


These are two videos of LEGO Batman voice actor Will Arnett (Gob Bluth). In the first video, from BBC Radio 1, he prank calls a toy store in the voice of LEGO Batman and has to ask a series of questions with sentences starting with every letter of the alphabet, in order. In the second video, from Jimmy Kimmel Live, he walks across a bed of LEGO bricks. The third video is my mix-tape because I'm trying to score a record deal. "There is no third video." That's because I don't actually have a mix-tape, although I'd still like a record deal -- I'm very marketable. You should come over and listen to me sing in the shower sometime. "You just want me to scrub your back." Dammit, I'm like a window to you, you see right through me. I think we need some space.

Keep going for the videos.

Thanks to carey, who dared me to sleep on a bed of LEGO bricks and now I have to go to physical therapy daily.

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