Leaked Footage Of Boston Dynamics' New 'Nightmare Inducing' Wheeled Legs Robot

February 1, 2017


Note: Video should start at 3:42, skip there if it doesn't automatically.

This is a video from a recent presentation by Boston Dynamics' president Marc Raibert demonstrating their new wheel-legged robot named Handle. Presumably because eventually it will handle humanity. Marc himself even admits the robot is 'nightmare inducing', which it absolutely is. It reminds me of the Wheelers from Return To Oz. This technology has gone too far. We need to reign it back in like a robotic horse in Westworld. Plus it just so happens that Boston Dynamics is up for sale -- you think it's not going to be bought by some supervillain? Because I just looked in my crystal ball and you know what I saw? A penis. I'm not sure what it means, but I'm guessing it's a symbol of humanity and that robots are going to-- "Take the ball out of your lap." Now it's vanished! Dark times ahead, my friends, dark times indeed.

Keep going for the video (I'm pretty sure the guy filming has an orgasm at 4:42), as well as a shorter backup and the Wheelers scene from Return to Oz.

Thanks to everyone who sent this, only half of which seemed to be taking this threat seriously.

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