Just Stop Already: Louis Vuitton's $175 Ruler

February 13, 2017


This is the £140 (~$175) Nikki Ruler designed and sold by Louis Vuitton (previously: their $400 mouse pad). It's a f***ing 15-centimeter ruler that costs $175. For reference, that's more than $10 per centimeter. Just think about that.

Featuring the Maison's iconic Monogram flowers motives, this ruler is lined with leather for extra comfort. Inspired by childhood memories, the three flowers can be used as stencils, offering a smart and playful signature touch.

Oh, well it's leather lined for extra comfort. That's good, I've always felt wooden and plastic rulers just weren't comfortable enough. Man, who the hell buys a $175 ruler, and what are they measuring -- how high they can pile gold? Well, I never thought I'd say it, but here we are: I'm planning a ruler heist.

Thanks to vishal, who can't wait for their $600 stapler. "Try $800." Of course, what was I thinking?

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