Jeez, Finally: A Leather Boba Fett Bowler Hat

February 27, 2017


This is the Mandalorian Bowler hat handmade and sold by Etsy shop The Blonde Swan Hat Boutique (previously: their R2-D2 derby hat). It costs $595 so obviously it's the perfect hat to buy if you're the sort of person who's always finding themselves short on rent at the end of the month. Don't even worry about it, the universe will provide. "An eviction notice?" More than likely, yes.

Keep going for a couple more shots while I take my Stetson out of its box and smell it.




Thanks to Clint, who agrees picking just the right bowler is the key to becoming a dapper dandy.

  • Holly_Wight

    That is one of the ugliest fuckin' things I have ever seen, and I've been to Detroit.

  • Cheese

    Because you're not going to look like an utter twat wearing that.

  • Bling Nye

    I love bowler hats and Boba Fett.

    But this aberration should burn.

  • TheQiwiMan

    The perfect hat to slap off a man-child's head! :-)

  • Reese Rizo

    As Vice President of the fashion club I call a meeting NOW!

  • Meh

    Wouldn't want this on a or my own corpse. Let alone someone alive.

  • Deksam

    So R2-D2 is next, of course.

  • Geekologie
  • Deksam

    Tah... dah.

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