It Was Real: Stick Figure Drawing Comes To Life In Water, Explained

February 2, 2017


Remember that stick figure drawing that seemed to come alive when water was added? Well this is a video of Youtuber Steve Mould explaining why it happens. Basically it's because dry-erase markers use insoluble ink (so they don't dissolve in water) with very little adhesive in the mix (for easy dry-erasing), so adding water on top makes the ink buoyant enough for the adhesive to lift from surface it was drawn on and to float around. Simple as that! Obviously, now that I know it's real, I have every intention of raiding the supply closet for dry erase markers and spending the rest of the afternoon making floating penises on my desk. "And?" And Xeroxing my ass but clearly you already knew that. I look good in these khakis.

Keep going for the video, solid alien abduction stick figure at the very end.

Thanks to Dougie, who always prefers science to magic. Me? I always go on a case-by-case basis.

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