I Am Into These: Alien Xenomorph Tiki Mugs

February 28, 2017


These are the limited edition Alien Xenomorph tiki mugs available from Mondo starting right now (like they just started this hour go get one if you're interested) and for the next 72 hours (previously: their Gremlin tiki mugs). You can get the blue, black, and green ones (green one limited to 200 pieces, UPDATE: green is already sold out) for $28 - $42. The brown and bone colored versions will be Alamo Drafthouse and event exclusive pieces. They're perfect for drinking tiki drinks like Ripley Rum Runners, Alien Bloods and Game Over Mans. I love tiki drinks. Whenever I have one I can close my eyes and pretend I'm on a tropical beach somewhere and not in my crappy apartment and-- shit, is that a cockroach? *closes eyes* I'll pretend it's a crab.

Keep going for closeups.







Thanks to Greg C, who agrees they should all come with complementary krazy straws.

  • It's the same lame ass company that announced the gremlins tiki mugs after they were already sold out. I don't get it. Make them or don't?

  • Gilbert

    Interesting that the green one is already "sold out" and some are being sold only until the 3rd... But they aren't expecting to ship until the summer?

    Last time I got into something like this, it was a kick starter that said that my items would be shipped by Christmas (when it was fully funded by September) but didn't actually get sent out until March, so no thanks...

  • palpable ovaltine

    This seems like a very small cross-over demographic. Now they need to saturate the market with Predator dreadlock grass skirts and face-hugger coconut bras.

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  • Cheese

    Selling your saggy, torn butthole for crack money is not really considered as legitimate employment.

  • Meh

    OK if i can't get the ancient looking alien statue i might go for one of these. That is after I've wasted thousands of dollars and countless hours on blocks of stone.

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