Good Idea: Company Sells In-Ground Trampoline Kits

February 14, 2017


Trampolines Down Under is an online retailer that sells $1,700 in-ground trampoline kits. They include a trampoline and retaining wall, you just have to dig a bigass hole and install it. In-ground trampolines are supposed to be safer than regular trampolines (*eyeballs photo* provided you don't line one side of your trampoline with boulders) because you don't fall as far when some asshole double-bounces you off onto your face. You see this massive scar on the side of my head? "Trampoline accident?" No, Papa Bear from Goldilocks And The Three Bears. Clearly he was ready for their next home invader.

Keep going for a timelapse of an in-ground trampoline installation complete with awful music.

Thanks to Tank, who doesn't need a trampoline to have fun because he's already a f***ing tank and tanks rule.

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