Good Idea: Company Sells In-Ground Trampoline Kits

February 14, 2017


Trampolines Down Under is an online retailer that sells $1,700 in-ground trampoline kits. They include a trampoline and retaining wall, you just have to dig a bigass hole and install it. In-ground trampolines are supposed to be safer than regular trampolines (*eyeballs photo* provided you don't line one side of your trampoline with boulders) because you don't fall as far when some asshole double-bounces you off onto your face. You see this massive scar on the side of my head? "Trampoline accident?" No, Papa Bear from Goldilocks And The Three Bears. Clearly he was ready for their next home invader.

Keep going for a timelapse of an in-ground trampoline installation complete with awful music.

Thanks to Tank, who doesn't need a trampoline to have fun because he's already a f***ing tank and tanks rule.

  • allen wilson

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  • Dani

    in ground trampoline my ass. just bury a regular trampoline

  • Tom327Cat

    Since you have to dig your own hole, this just seems like a regular trampoline plus 900 bucks wasted.

  • My best friend had this when we were kids. Was bad ass, but it's nothing new. Except they actually built a brick retaining wall inside so that the weight of people around it didn't immediately collapse into the pit like this one probably will. They also had rocks and gravel at the bottom and water was absorbed quick. Even when we'd hose the trampoline down on hot days. Basically this is a shitty version of something that existed in 1982.

  • Tigerh8r

    A friend of mine had an inground trampoline back in the 70's so this isn't new. We used it but I actually have no idea what they did about water and snakes. But, it was the 70's so they probably sprayed us down with deet and said, "Y'all watch out for snakes." (Alabama)

    We did find new and interesting ways to injure ourselves, like getting a running start, jumping on the trampoline and having a "long-jump" competition out into the yard. Of course, this is the same friend's yard where I was mildly electrocuted while swinging on a wire hanging from a utility pole.

    Holy crap how am I still alive?

  • Captain Matticus, LP Inc.

    I'd want this until...

    Until I run over it with my lawnmower or car
    Until I drunkenly stumble onto it in the middle of the night
    Until my drain field leaks into it and fills it with the lovely stench of sewer water

  • Kent

    Because you drive your car inside your fenced back yard and like to mow your lawn when it's pitch dark outside?

  • Captain Matticus, LP Inc.

    Because I live in Florida and weeds will grow over anything around here, especially since I work out of town often. Asshole.

  • I'd ALMOST pay to see the first two...

  • Matt

    Snakes are going to love

  • The_Wretched

    The crane operator really likes making a pile and then measuring the pile of dirt to remove.

  • M. Rafferty

    Way too many people make this mistake. That's an excavator. They're for digging (aka excavating).

    What I've linked below is an example of a crane. It's for lifting.

  • Jenness

    What happens when it rains to the water - that might be kind of a gross mosquito breeding ground cesspit or .. buggy and snakey

  • I think this works in some places and does not in others. I lived in a desert climate north of Los Angeles as a kid and it wasn't an issue for us. I assume other areas would have a problem.

  • Erswi

    I would love to see someone do this in New Orleans for exactly this reason.

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