Freaky Deaky: Ultra Close-Up Video Of A Person's Fingertip Sweating

February 23, 2017


This is a macro video from Youtuber Timelapse Vision featuring an ultra close-up view of a person's fingertip sweating. Wow, so this is what used to happen to my fingers whenever I'd watch one of those videos of that idiot who was always jumping off of rooftops into pools. Biology, isn't it amazing? Hey -- what's this?! "That's your penis." What's it used for? "In your case, nothing, it's like having a second appendix." Let's see if my doctor can remove it!

Keep going for the video while I call my doctor and see if he's on board to help me lose four pounds the quick and easy way.

Thanks to Ben K, who tried to tell me crying is just your eyes sweating.

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