First Braille Smartwatch Allows The Blind To Read Texts From Phone

February 27, 2017


This is the Dot Smartwatch. It's a watch that connects to a phone via Bluetooth and can display messages for the blind using four dynamic braille cells. It can read virtually any message from a phone include texts, emails, map directions, etc. Previous smart devices for the blind relied on sound to communicate messages, this one is silent so nosy people on the bus can't eavesdrop. The Dot has been in development for about three years and will retail for around $320. Well that sounds reasonable. If somebody had asked me how much I'd expect it to cost I would have guessed at least $12,000. Of course I've never made it past Contestant's Row on The Price Is Right either, so there's that.

Keep going for a couple more pictures and a heartwarming video of people trying it for the first time.




Thanks to Cynthia, who agrees if you know how to read braille, you can read with your eyes closed.

  • TheQiwiMan

    Now blind people can also check their messages on their watches like us sighted douche bags! :-D

  • Deksam

    .:: ': .-' ': '- ' - .-' .. :: -:

  • Jenness

    This is inspiring! God bless the people who strive to make things better for those in the world. I hope this helps in the way they want and their lives are blessed.

  • 600k?

    How the hell are they going to text back and why would they even have a smartphone?...

  • Kateness

    Maybe they can reply to texts by speech recognition? Yes this defeats the purpose of being discreet from using on the bus.. ie: geeks example.

    A mobile phone or a smartphone, might give them a sense of security when going about their daily life. Isn't that exactly why everyone has one? A smart phone also provides them navigation, unlike the basic models, in which they can use via speech.

    Anywho, I truly hope that your comment was satire.

  • Kateness

    Who knows.. maybe I'm blind and replying to you from my "smartphone" and nifty gogofuturegadget braille watch on the bus?

  • 600k?

    True True! Was half asleep when I was looking at the post. I'll take my comment back ahahah

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