Finally, A Toilet Paper Holder That Can Also Hold Beer And Wine

February 2, 2017


Because drinking on the can until my legs go numb is one of the few hobbies I'm good at (PROTIP: fill your toilet tank with ice and brewskis), this is the 3-D printed His and Hers Toilet Paper Holder for Beverages available from Etsy shop SOLIDink3d ($20). One side can hold a beer can or bottle, and the other side a wine glass. The middle holds toilet paper. Still, calling it his and hers seems a little dated, like men only drink beer and women only drink wine. Personally, I drink it all, including wine spritzers and hand sanitizer. Shit, I'd drink 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner if you told me it would give me a buzz. "It absolutely won't." I don't trust you, I'm gonna try it anyways.

Keep going for a couple more shots.



Thanks to lizzy, who informed me she wants one made with one end that holds a wine glass, and the other end the rest of the bottle. Smart.

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