Finally, A Dating App That Matches Couples Based On Things They Both Hate

February 13, 2017


Hater is a mobile dating app (currently on available on iOS so if you hate Apple you're shit out of luck until spring) that matches couples based on things they mutually hate. That's pretty smart, because hating the same things is an important part of a healthy relationship. If you hate one thing and your partner loves it, well, that's the sort of thing that festers over time until it ends with a stabbing *instinctively rubs scar* So -- what do you hate? "Everything." Let's get married tonight.

Thanks to lizzy, who hates dating apps. Me? I hate 2-for-1 hour hour apps because the portions are never big enough.

  • TyDurd

    inb4 the app comes under fire for "spreading hate", and facilitating racism

  • GeneralDisorder

    Well then... I hate iOS. So I guess if they ever port it over I'll try it out.

  • Jenness

    This could work.

  • WhiteEagle2

    I wonder if "I hate dating websites" is one of the topics it asks you.

  • Jenness

    LOL Good one

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