Family Spends $250 To Have Tumor Removed From 20-Year Old Pet Goldfish

February 9, 2017


These are several pictures of Bob the goldfish undergoing $250 surgery to have a tumor removed from his fin (previously: a woman who paid $500 after her goldfish choked on a rock). Bob, who's lived with the same family in Norfolk, England for 20 years, was taken to veterinarian Faye Bethell when they noticed the lump on his side, and opted for a 30-minute surgery to remove the tumor instead of making him sleep with the other fishes.

"The option was to remove the lump or put him to sleep and now he is doing brilliantly," Dr Bethell commented. "Bob's owners were really pleased because the goldfish is older than their children and he's very much considered part of the family."

The vet used a miniature heart-rate monitor, fed the fish anaesthetics, and carried out the operation with micro-surgical equipment. "It's pretty complicated because everything is so small." She added: "This one was the oldest fish we've operated on... Bob's now back home and enjoying swimming properly for the first time in weeks."

I think would have done the same thing. Of course I have no clue where I would have gotten $250, but hopefully there's a payment plan option. If not, Plan B: put the fish in my pocket and run. It wouldn't be the first time I've run with a live fish in my pocket (they deleted my scene from the final cut of Finding Dory).

Keep going for several more shots including the now-tumorless Bob.






Thanks to Sandy, who agrees somebody should get Bob a little plastic pirate decoration holding a 'GET WELL SOON' poster.

  • Nico Horst

    Last year I spend 2000$ on my cats surgery, totaly worth it...

  • PUNX

    the oldest fish they operated on.... how many fish get operated on? I would think that would be a thing.

    GW if you needed funds I think we would all put a little in for you but for a legit reason not a peen enlargement though

  • TheQiwiMan

    I would *only* donate if it was for his peen enlargement.

  • Emphatically Speaking

    I would donate towards a peen enlargement... as long as I get to take it for a spin when it's healed after surgery.

  • Big Dog on Krampus

    eh, $250 isn't that much. especially if you've had the thing for 20 years, I'm sure there's some attachment.

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  • dougfunnay

    woah dude thats enough for 416 goldfish surgeries
    just how many fish do you have?!?

  • Meh

    Klaus Heisller i bet he talks in his bowl at home.

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