Dungeon Master, A Dungeons & Dragons Inspired Tabletop Gaming LEGO Set

February 17, 2017


In other LEGO news, this is the conceptual 3,000-piece Dungeon Master (no actual affiliation with Dungeons & Dragons) set created by LEGO Ideas user Ymarilego. It has already gathered enough support (10,000 votes) to be considered for production by LEGO. The set, which can be built into countless different layouts, is perfect for tabletop gaming. Admittedly, the modularity of LEGO does make it perfect for reconfiguring your dungeon to suit your campaign. Plus it's way funner when you actually have a physical representation of the dungeon in front of you instead of just squares on a piece of paper. My imagination sucks, I need VISUALS. "Do you have to have sex with the lights on?" No, the flashlight on my phone is enough. Now, roll to see who has to eat a minifig, I just rolled a 20 so I'm safe.

Keep going for several more shots of the possibilities.





Thanks to Torse, who refused to let me cast Magic Missile because I'm a rogue, not a wizard.

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