Dubai Building Skyscraper w/ Individually Rotating Floors

February 28, 2017


Previously posted all the way back in 2008, Dubai has confirmed the construction of an 80 story skyscraper with floors that can all rotate independently. The building was designed by Italian architect David Fisher and was originally planned as a condo building, but apparently now it's part condos (starting at $30 million!) and part hotel. Who knows, it's definitely not a fish market though.

The building will be a 1,375ft high, 80-story hotel capable of completing a 360 degree rotation. Floor to ceiling glass windows ensure guests can take advantage of the view. The rotation will supposedly be voice activated. Theoretically guests could follow the movement of the sun and watch both sunrise and sunset from the same room.

In a bid to be energy efficient, the building will also boast wind turbines between each floor and solar panels on the roof [Allegedly providing enough energy to power the whole building with as much as a 10x surplus. Also, there's an elevator to bring your car up to your floor].

Wait -- so are all the floors individual hotel rooms/condos? Otherwise aren't multiple guests/tenants going to be fighting for the best view? I don't get it. Of course I don't get a lot of things, including how Advil works. "It's not a suppository." Whatever, just because it doesn't say so on the bottle.

Keep going for a couple more pics and the video.








Thanks to v, who wants the penthouse. Me? I'll take a shack on the beach.

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