Damn Rich People: An Under-The-Bed Flatscreen TV Lift

February 9, 2017


These are a couple video demonstrations of the Auton Dream Machine under-the-bed television lift. It stores a flatscreen under your bed (but that's where my dog likes to sleep!) and pulls it out and points it at you with the push of a button. Unfortunately, the systems start at $7,600, making it infinitely cheaper to just mount that sucker on the wall. Besides, with as much action as my bed sees, there's no way this thing would survive longer than a month. "You're saying you have lots of sex." No, I'm saying I like to pretend I'm an acrobat in the circus. Watch me do a somersault from my dresser to the bed. *jumps, hits face on ceiling fan, blood splatters everywhere* Not again. Distract my parents while I clean this up and I'll give you a tooth.

Keep going for the videos.

Thanks to Andy, who informed me you can buy a Sony 85" 4K television for the same price as this lift.

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