Construction Workers Demonstrate The Wheelbarrow Technique For Curb Smoothing

February 1, 2017


This is a video of three construction workers demonstrating their ingenious wheelbarrow technique for smoothing a curb. You think they drew straws to decide who got to be the wheelbarrow? I would always want to be the wheelbarrow, that's the fun part. The other two guys just look like they're exercising, and the last time I had fun exercising I was playing Red Rover and kickball in middle school. Besides, I already get all the exercise I need just living life. *checks Fitbit, realizes I've been dead for two days* BOO!

Hit the jump for the video while I apply to be a curb smoother.

Thanks to CR, who agrees those guys better watch their back or somebody's gonna come along and scratcher their initials in there and ruin all their hard work.

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