Chaos: Watching A Double Pendulum Leave Glow-In-The-Dark Trails As It Swings

February 9, 2017


These are two videos of a double pendulum (watch the second explanatory video first if you're not familiar with what a double pendulum is, or go absolutely nuts on Wikipedia learning everything there possibly is to know about them HERE) with a bright light attached to the end swinging in front of a photoluminescent surface so you can see the mesmerizing trails its made most recently as it swings in chaos. Pretty fascinating. And by pretty fascinating I mean I'm pretty sure it intentionally made heart shapes and spelled 'I LUV U' several times. Obviously, those were all directed at me because double pendulums are notorious for having a thing for super f***ing idiots.

Keep going for a whole hour long video of the thing swinging, as well as a separate five minute explanation of what's going on.

Thanks again to Andy, who I made watch the video until he was hypnotized, and now he's loyal servant. I need a sandwich, Andy, pronto.

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