Bionicat: Cat Hit By Car Gets Two Bionic Back Legs

February 8, 2017


Meet Pooh, a Bulgarian cat who was hit by a car and faced a double amputation or euthanization. Thankfully, a surgeon in Sofia (Bulgaria's capital) decided to try amputating the legs low enough to add prosthetics so Pooh could live to hang out with Christopher Robin and the gang another day. And it worked.

surgeon Vladislav Zlatinov examined Pooh. The man knew that if he amputated the back legs high up on the limbs, it may not work, which meant euthanizing the kitty.

Zlatinov decided to do something innovative this time, and attach prosthetics, giving Pooh new legs. "I had the vague idea that this is done, but it sounded impossible for our practice," Zlatinov said. "But I wanted to try."

And it worked. "He's doing surprisingly well so far," Zlatinov said. "Pooh can move freely on flat surfaces -- walking, running, even making small jumps... What's important is that he doesn't seem to be in pain."

Happy endings. No word how many lives Pooh still has left, but it's definitely no more than eight. I suspect he'll need to be an indoor cat from now on. Spend his days cozied up by a fire, lapping milk out of a Piglet coffee cup. That sounds nice, doesn't it? *daydreaming* It sure does. You think if I got hit by a car somebody would take care of me like that? And, follow up question, when you're driving how aware are you of your front blind spots?

Keep going for a bunch of shots of Pooh's bionic transformation.









Thanks to Ali, who allegedly has a cat with twelve lives. Please tell me you encouraged him to be a stunt driver.

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