Beautiful 3D Models Of Famous TV Show Offices

February 7, 2017


This is a series of 3D renderings created by the folks at Drawbotics featuring the offices of several famous TV shows including Parks And Recreation, The Office, The IT Crowd, Mad Men, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Silicon Valley. I posted the rest after the jump, but you can see super zoomable versions at their website HERE. Which one is your favorite? I'm just making conversation, I really don't care that much. I'm lying, I have to know. I'm so good at small talk I've been in relationships where I know absolutely nothing about the person except how they feel about the weather. Most of them liked it sunny and warm. Me? I like it when it rains. FROGS. *waving fist at the heavens* Do your worst, God, we deserve it.

Keep going for the rest while I try to hop into my computer TRON style and go play in them.







Thanks to Lonnie, who agrees the best office on television has been and always will be Fonzie's from Happy Days.

  • mikey

    richmond's out of his room, who let him richmond out of his room, why is richmond out of his room

  • Matt

    Suits is wrong, where is the elevator?

  • The Magnificent Newtboy

    No forbidden green door. FAIL

  • Seth Garman

    Love the typo, man men

  • Geekologie

    there i fixt it

  • TheQiwiMan

    I want to live on the set of The Office.

  • Meh

    Imagine having a colleague like Dwight. No day would be boring.

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