And Vinyly: Get A Loved Ones' Ashes Pressed Into A Vinyl Record

February 14, 2017


And Vinyly is a service that allows you to have a loved ones' ashes pressed into a custom vinyl record for BONUS pops and crackles of remembrance. You get to pick the audio and album art, and the company takes care of the rest. Unfortunately, the services starts at around £3,000 (~$3,750), making it significantly cheaper to just display your loved ones' ashes on a fireplace mantle. Unless you don't have a fireplace and would have to get one built, in which case, okay, this might be cheaper.

And Vinyly customises the whole process for clients, loading the vinyls with audio chosen by them. It can be a loved one's favourite song, a clip of them speaking set to background music, or complete silence. The distinct pops and crackles heard as the needle traces the ashes might be music enough to some people's ears. The company will even provide the record with personalised cover art, either from supplied photographs or by the hand of their on-call painter from the National Portrait Gallery.

Obviously, if anybody I know dies I'm going to make my own record of remembrance. Specifically, by discreetly clipping some of their hair and fingernails during the viewing and supergluing them to an existing copy of Highway To Hell. We all mourn in our own ways.

Keep going for a video discussing the inspiration and process.

Thanks to Stephanie B, who agrees the best way to remember somebody is to steal one of their mix-tapes.

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