A Sad Version Of The Sesame Street Theme Played In A Minor Key

February 20, 2017


Playing songs in a minor key: it makes them sound sadder. And The Sesame Street theme ('Can You Tell Me How To Get To Sesame Street?') is no exception, with this rendition performed by Youtuber YAOG as part of his series 'Will It Sad?' Yes, the answer is yes -- it will sad. I felt like this is the music they play in a movie after somebody dies. Did somebody die?! I bet it was Oscar The Grouch, being a hoarder and living in a trashcan can't be that good for you. If all the other characters were really his friends they wouldn't have let him do that. Enablers, every one of you.

Keep going for the video as well as the original for reference purposes.

Thanks to hairless, who agrees if Sesame Street really is this sad maybe he doesn't want you to tell him how to get there after all.

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