A First-Person Ride Down A Hot Wheels Track Decked Out With Trippy Light Effects And Fire

February 14, 2017


This is 'Hot Wheels Nightmare', a first person ride down a Hot Wheels track that's been decorated with trippy lights and faces and fire. I got motion sick and puked watching it, so take that into consideration if you already had some questionable tuna salad for lunch.

Take a trip on a Hot Wheels car through a fantastical wonderland of lights, glow sticks, and fire. There's no telling where the track will go next. Filmed with a Sony VG30H and a GoPro Hero Session 4 mounted on a Bull Whip car. Built with Hot Wheels track, unit blocks, Tinkertoys, lighter fluid, kerosene, lamp wicks, wire, rain gutters, plastic garden edging, LED lights, and lasers.

The run isn't actually one continuous shot, but a bunch of separate ones from individual track sections, which were all edited together. The dark helps make it look seamless. And speaking of seamless-- "You split your pants again?" Hahhaha, what? No! Yeah...I called my mom to bring me another pair but she pushed me to voicemail.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Linc, who agrees trippy light effects make everything better, except nursing a hangover.

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